President's Message

Ichiura Housing & Planning Associates is a planning and design organization specializing in housing that was originally founded in 1952 as Ichiura Architectural Design Office by Ken Ichiura (1904-1981).

Over the past 64 years since, our core business has been the resolution of housing-related issues, with a focus on public projects, through the planning and design of apartment complexes, the development of new housing technology, support for the planning and revitalization of housing estates and "new towns," support for urban development in built-up areas, support for the formulation of local government housing policies, and support for the creation of housing/construction-related systems. This stems from our conviction that high-quality housing and living environments are the very foundations of society, and that such foundations are needed for building truly affluent lifestyles. This idea is both a defining feature of the approach we take to business and our goal.

Given the social trends of a shrinking population, a declining birthrate and an aging population as well as the switchover to a low-carbon society, Japan is now entering an age of full-scale urban renaissance and stock renewal. Since the beginning of the 1990s we have focused on this theme in our research and practical applications for the public and private sector.

The catastrophic Great East Japan Earthquake and the recent Kumamoto Earthquake reminded us of the importance of measures for disaster preparedness/prevention and housing and living environments. Firmly believing that safety and security are an essential foundation for housing and Human Settlements, we are promoting urban development in built-up areas, measures for the housing stock, drawing up plans for apartment complex and "new town" revitalization, drafting renewal plans for houses and residential complexes, and undertaking and supporting PPP/PFI project developments and other various projects that contribute to society renovations of private apartment complexes, utilizing our expertise accumulated over years and hand-in-hand with local communities.

Our company has also been constantly involved in overseas housing projects in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and elsewhere since the 1970s. By leveraging the planning and design techniques we have acquired over the years, we have been helping to create housing and living environments reflective of local characteristics of specific cities overseas, while making efforts to disseminate these techniques.

Our business operations are divided among four divisions responsible for Architectural Design, Technology Research & Development, Research & Planning (Town Planning & Design, Political System Research), and Project Promotion. We have offices in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka as well as a liaison office in Shanghai in China that together employ about 70 technical staff.

These divisions and offices flexibly coordinate and collaborate among themselves as well as with specialists and researchers from related fields, and they endeavor at all times to generate the optimal outcomes in meeting the needs of customers and society.
In undertaking our duties as specialist consultants in the housing sector, all of us at Ichiura Housing & Planning Associates are committed to a basic philosophy of helping to improve human housing and create new value in living environments.

Your continued guidance and support in future would be greatly appreciated.

Nov. 2016
Naohiro Kawasaki




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